Three Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Heating your home is arguably the most expensive cost you have to endure. Although those hot summers can seem unbearable, especially when you don’t have A/C, winter months tend to last longer and temperatures can drop for extended periods without any end in sight.

Vito Services has been in the home HVAC game long enough to understand the main culprits of  your home heating woes. We often get the same questions from multiple customers wondering if their furnace needs to be replaced or if they should consider a smart thermostat. While these options are great and we highly recommend you consider them, simple changes can reduce you monthly bills and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket where they belong.

Simple Changes And Easy Fixes

The first problem areas you should look at are also the easiest and cheapest to fix. Look around your home and find where drafts are present or rooms that seem colder than others. When you do, chances are you’ll notice a window or doorway in them. This is because windows and exterior doors are some of the greatest sources of heat loss in your home, at about 12 percent.

While there are multiple ways to go about fixing these problems, we’ve decided to keep it simple and give you our recommendations that almost anyone can do:

  • Replace worn weatherstrips on your doors
  • Adjust doorway thresholds so that they seal correctly
  • Consider plugging drafts or wrapping your windows with plastic film
  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Leave blinds open to let in sunlight during the day

Consider Changing Your Insulation Or Windows

Changing your windows or replacing the old insulation in your attic is the next step in upping your home heating efficiency game. These tasks are also have a degree of complexity to them, so leaving this to the professionals might be an option you’d like to consider.

What ever route you decide, know that newer methods and types of insulation are now readily available, and windows are now super efficient. Insulation with higher R values will allow less heat to escape in the winter and also keep cooled rooms from warming in the summer. The same goes for windows, with new models being built with inert gas between multiple panes to insulate better.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Now we can move on to the fun stuff. Technological changes are rampant these days, and your home is no different. New products and efficient designs have made their way from large scale commercial settings into the average home. Consider these options if you want to get aggressive with your home heating savings:

Smart Thermostats allow you to remotely control your thermostat to turn down the heat when you aren’t home during the work day. Or you can set a defined schedule and leave it alone. Either way, you can save about 10 percent on your home heating needs with one simple, and cool gadget.

Energy Efficient Appliances are your best bet to remove energy hogs that are in your home. Of course we might be a bit partial to this fix, but the fact that old furnaces or water heaters don’t operate efficiently isn’t doing you any favors. Consider a more efficient furnace or other items and you’ll reduce your utility bills by as much as 20 percent.

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