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Water Filters

A water filter installation is an important step to take if you want the water supply at your home or business to be cleaner, and healthier. Many people buy water filter pitchers, bottled water, or a filter for their kitchen faucet, but this doesn’t keep up with the demand for purified water if you have a family or own a business.

Our technicians at James Vito recommend Everpure H-300. Filtering your water will improve the taste of your drinking water. Everpure is the leading name in water treatment. The H-300 is a single cartridge, sanitary quick change filtration system.

Everpure delivers great tasting water every time, while reducing the following contaminants:

  • Lead
  • Cysts
  • Mold and algae
  • Oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfides
  • Particles 0.5 micron and larger in size.

It is economical and eco-friendly compared to water bottles. The cartridge comes with a reminder that sticks on the cartridge for replacement.

Call James Vito Plumbing and we would be happy to come out and take a look at your current filtration system.

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24/7 Emergency Availability