How to Fix Three Common Plumbing Disasters

Everybody loves to think that they’re a naturally born handyman that can fix any problem thrown their way. Sometimes, your quick fix is actually making the problem worse! If everybody could do it there wouldn’t be a need for our service… right?

We’ve comprised a list in honor to those who try their very hardest to fix something before calling in the experts. Below you will find the three most common plumbing disasters and how to fix them – or better yet – avoid them entirely.

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Ready, Set, Plunge!

There is a lot more to plumbing than just toilets. Your house is outfitted with a complex plumbing system that ensures you have running water available to you. With that being said, that complex system may not be as difficult to fix as you think.

Frozen Pipes

Extremely common during the winter, cold weather can cause some pretty serious damage to pipes located in poorly insulated parts of the home. To be more specific, around walls, under sinks, and in crawlspaces.

Frozen pipes can burst and escalate into expensive water losses. Thankfully, frozen pipes are fairly simple to prevent. Put pipe sleeves on high-risk pipes to insulate them. Also, open any cupboard doors concealing pipes to allow warm air to circulate throughout the area.

If you have a pipe burst immediately shut off the water supply and call us.

Clogged Toilet

You would be surprised as to how many calls we receive regarding clogged toilets. They are perhaps the easiest plumbing problem to prevent.

Simply put – do not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. Other materials present a risk of clogging that may be severe. For majority of clogs a plunger will do the trick. But, it is possible for the clog to be within your pipes and an expert must be called in to fix it.


Yes, this blog was created to give you some insight on how to solve common plumbing issues. But, as you can see they relate to fairly mild problems.

Some plumbing disasters have nothing to do with pipes, toilets, or water at all. They are caused by people who are not properly trained on completing a plumbing job.

Plumbing disasters caused by untrained people attempting to fix it themselves can range from cracked tiles to bursted pipes. If you don’t know whether or not you can handle a plumbing job we urge you to hire a professional.

Who You Gonna Call?

Started in 1934, Vito Services has proudly been serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC, taking care of just about any plumbing problem you can think of. We are what you would call the “professionals”.

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