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A waste disposer is installed under your kitchen sink. The disposers spinning blades or impellers turn organic food waste into a stream of finely ground particles. They then go down your drainpipe on their way to your local sewage treatment plant or septic tank. There are two types of disposers:

  1. Continuous Feed
  2. Batch Feed

A continuous feed model has a separate switch on the wall or inside the cabinet under the sink. The disposer will run as long as the switch is on. A batch-feed model comes with a special stopper which, when inserted and turned, activates the disposer. Once it’s removed, the motor stops. The continuous feed model is more convenient, but it could be argued that the batch feed is safer because there is no way that anything can accidentally drop inside while the disposer is running.

When a disposer is indisposed!

The quality disposers are very reliable appliances. Any disposer is subject to three common problems:

  • The blades stop spinning because of an obstruction.
  • The motor overheats and stops running.
  • The drain becomes clogged.

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24/7 Emergency Availability