10 Ways to Keep Your AC Running Reliably

Take Control Over Your Comfort After a long and grueling winter, summer is finally here. Time to give your furnace a much-needed break and let your air conditioner take the reins. Are you doing everything you can to keep your AC running reliably? By taking a proactive approach, you can prevent future repairs and maximize … READ MORE

What’s a Best Pick Certification and Why Is It Important?

Expect the Right Credentials From Your Contractor Would you take your car to an auto shop that has more negative reviews than positive ones? Would you take your pet to a veterinarian who’s known for subpar care? No matter which type of service you need—whether it’s AC repair service in Silver Spring, MD, or electrical … READ MORE

Why AC Maintenance Is Like Training for a Marathon

Put in the Time. Cross the Finish Line. No one is born a marathon runner. In order to win the race, it takes time, commitment and proper training. Similarly, air conditioners aren’t designed to be perfect. Just like an athlete trains to succeed, your AC must be maintained to succeed. When you take proper care … READ MORE

What Will AC Maintenance Save You From?

Summer Is No Time to Feel Hot and Bothered You file your tax return to avoid the IRS. You get vaccinated to avoid the flu. You maintain your car to avoid towing fees and repairs. We’re often motivated to do things for one reason only: to avoid other things. You might not necessarily want to … READ MORE

Looking To Invest in a New Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Expect.

Summer is here and that means that warm weather has come with it!  If you’re looking to beat the heat you’ve probably thought that maybe now is the time to get yourself a new air conditioner for your home.  While we completely agree that an air conditioner is always a good idea, it’s important that you … READ MORE

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