Plumbing Services in Washington, DC

When you have plumbing problems, you need answers fast. At Vito Services, we have the plumbers who can get you exactly what you need and want. We promise to get to you quickly, assess your situation accurately, and come up with a solution that takes all the variables into account. This includes looking at what is best for you and your family. When you need excellent plumbers who care about you, call us at Vito Services.

Plumbing Repair

We’ll take on any plumbing repair that might come up for you. Yes…anything! From clogged drains to broken toilets to problems with your water heater, your garbage disposal, and more, we’ll handle every plumbing repair in Washington, DC. All you need to do is call us. We’ll get there fast, figure out what is going on, and work with you to find the best solution. Then we’ll implement it and test it so you can be sure everything is working the way you need it to.

Drains & Sewers

plumbing service installation & repairs washington, dc

Drain and sewer problems can be rough but we’ll get you through. For stubborn clogs, we’ll send out a plumber with a plumbing snake to get them out for you. Before you know it, that clog will be broken up and flushed out of your system or we’ll pull it out. Either way, your water should be flowing again soon.

If your clog is in your sewer, don’t panic! We’ll come out, send a camera on a flexible cable down your line, and figure out what that clog is made of. The camera also allows us to locate it exactly from aboveground, which helps us determine what sort of repair would be best. Whenever possible, we utilize trenchless sewer repair techniques. These are minimally invasive, faster than traditional sewer repair, and cost you less because you don’t have to replace your yard. We’ll work with you to find a good time to repair your sewer, then get the job done!


Repiping in Washington, DC can be frustrating but, if you’re in an older home, it can be your best path for getting reliable plumbing. We’ll come out, assess your home, and let you know if it’s time to replace your plumbing. If you have older pipes and you’ve been having a lot of plumbing problems, chances are good that repiping will be the best solution for you. We’ll work with you on it to ensure it’s minimally invasive for your family. It won’t be long before you have the pipes you need!

Faucets & Fixtures

When you need faucet and fixture replacement, installation, or repair, we’ll get the job done fast. After all, you can’t live well when these aren’t working well! We’ll find the best solution for you so you can love the way your home looks and the way it works! Feel free to test everything before we leave so you can feel sure it’s all working the way you need it to.

Call Vito Services for all of your plumbing needs in Washington, DC, or click here to schedule an appointment online!