Air Conditioning Repair in Washington, DC

If it’s hot and humid and your air conditioner isn’t working, call us at Vito Services for air conditioning repair in Washington, DC. We’ll get to you quickly, talk to you about what you’re experiencing, then assess your A/C for ourselves.

We’ll test and troubleshoot each part until we know exactly what is causing your problems. Then we’ll present you with our best plan to get everything fixed for you fast. Finally, we’ll get that air conditioner repaired so you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

When is it Time for A/C Repair in Washington, DC?

When your A/C won’t turn on, it’s definitely time to give us a call. However, we can also do your A/C repair in Washington, DC before that happens. If you notice any of the following problems, give us a call and we’ll come out. Most of the time, we can finish your A/C repair before you get too uncomfortable in your home. Look for:

  • Leaking on or around your air conditioner
  • An A/C that blows lukewarm air. This is inefficient and costing you money, even if it is still cooling your home.
  • Your A/C turning off and on repeatedly and rapidly
  • An A/C that won’t turn off
  • A thermostat that doesn’t seem to regulate your home’s temperature effectively. If you can’t set your thermostat, then go on your way and forget about it, chances are you need an A/C repair.
  • Unusual sounds coming from your A/C or your ductwork
  • Anytime you’re uncomfortable at home, even if it seems like your air conditioner is working well.

Call in an expert HVAC technician from Vito Services as soon as you notice any of these problems. We’ll get there fast, assess the situation, and start on your air conditioning repair in Washington, DC as soon as possible. In the best scenario, we’ll fix it before we leave. If we have to order parts, we’ll let you know when you can plan on hearing from us again.

No matter what your A/C repair in Washington, DC entails, we’ll take care of it for you as soon as we can. We won’t ask you to stay too hot at home in DC. Call us today and make your appointment with an HVAC expert who can take care of your A/C problems for you.

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