Air Conditioning Install in Washington, DC

If you are interested in or need to get a new cooling system for your property in Washington DC, trust in the Vito Services team to help you. We offer air conditioning installation services that you can depend on, and will make sure to take care of all the steps of the process from start to finish. Our professional staff has many years of experience, so you can feel confident that we are doing things correctly and getting an air conditioner unit installed that you can count on for years to come. Reach out to us today!


There are a number of things that you can look for that are indications of possibly needing to have your current cooling system replaced. If any of the following scenarios are happening with your AC unit, our installation team can come out to your place in Washington DC and get it swapped with a brand new and much more efficient one.

  • If your AC breaks down often and you need repairs often, getting a new one could be a better investment
  • If the AC is over 10 years old, it has likely lost much of its ability to work efficiently.
  • If your cooling system does not seem to work as well as it should, you may need an upgrade
  • If the AC still uses R-22 refrigerant, you need a new one installed for safety reasons


If you know you are ready to get a new AC unit installed in Washington DC, but do not know where to start, we are here to help. The first step involves us working with you to determine which kind of cooling system would be best for your property size, your temperature preferences and typical energy usage, and what your budget is for AC installation costs. After discussing everything, we can offer expert advice on if you should get a traditional air conditioner or have something like a mini split AC installed.


Call the team at Vito Services when you need to have a new air conditioning system put in at your home or business in Washington DC. Our professionals will work with efficiency to get the appliance installed, connected, and ready to cool you whenever you need comfort. Contact us about scheduling an appointment for AC installation, or one of our many other air conditioning services in Washington DC!

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