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Ice in the pipes

During cold weather we can expect drops in the temperature. Winter weather means freezing temperatures. Here are some winterizing tips for your outdoor faucets.  Any water that isn’t drained from exposed pipes- those that are above the front line will change to ice and expand, possible bursting the pipe. For this reason, homeowners should drain the pipes leading to their outdoor sillcocks when the weather begins to get cold and they no longer need to use an outdoor faucet or hose.

To drain a silcock, follow these steps:

  • Find the shutoff valve for each sillcock.
  • Shut off the valve.
  • Open the sillcock and drain out any water in the pipe.
  • When all the water has drained out, close the sillcock.
  • Be sure to drain any garden hose and store them in a garage or basement for the winter.

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